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Many prospects for seaport enterprises in 2019

With Vietnam's participation in Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and the application of a new port service price framework with increasing demand, 2019 is expected to be a promising year for all seaport enterprises.

In 2019, seaport enterprises will benefit more thanks to the increase in seaport service tariffs

The shift boosted orders

According to the report of Vietnam Maritime Administration (Ministry of Transport), as of December 2018, Vietnam fleet has 1,593 ships, total tonnage is about 7.8 million DWT, ranking 4th in ASEAN region. and the 30th in the world. In particular, the container fleet increased from 19 ships (in 2013) to 41 ships in (2018), an average increase of about 20% / year.

In 2018, the total volume of transport carried out by the Vietnam fleet is estimated at 144.6 million tons, the volume of circulating goods reaches more than 153 million tons.km, up 10.9% compared to 2017, accounting for billions 55.6% of the total turnover of all modes of transport.

The Vietnamese flag fleet currently undertakes nearly 100% of domestic transportation by sea, except for some specialized vessels such as LPG, bulk cement ... For international shipping, container fleet Vietnam operates primarily on short-haul routes of Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, some bulk carriers have transported goods on European routes.

Talking to reporters from the Customs Newspaper, Mr. Tran Anh Tuan, Head of Marketting Co., Ltd., Import and Export Trade, said that from 2018, 2019, seaport enterprises will continue to be inherited. some benefits from the US-China trade war. According to Mr. Tuan's analysis, in this trade war, the trend of shifting commodities is facilitating the demand for transport from international to Vietnam. As a result, growth in container throughput was also increased, due to the increase in the amount of goods transported through seaports.

"According to our calculations, in the first quarter, our shipping orders have increased by 10-20% over the same period last year thanks to the above movement," Tuan added.

Building a closed service chain

Assessing the development potential of the seaport industry, Viet Dragon Securities Company (VDSC) said, starting from 2019, Circular 54/2018 / TT-BGTVT on the framework of pilotage and use service Bridges, berths, mooring buoys, loading and unloading containers at Vietnamese seaports of the Ministry of Transport will be applied, thereby adjusting the price frame for a series of services at Vietnamese seaports, including loading and unloading services. container. Accordingly, the new floor price will be 10% higher than the current floor price (equal to the market price due to oversupply) for northern ports (excluding HICT in Lach Huyen). This breaks down the trend of service discounts due to harsh competition in this area. In the Southern region, the frame remains the same, except for the terminals in Cai Mep - Thi Vai (13% increase per TEU).

VDSC also said that the deep-water port cluster in Cai Mep - Thi Vai (Vung Tau) is expected to become an important container gate in the southern region. After a long time with low performance, in fact, container volume in 2017 in this area has tripled compared to 2011 and reached 2.4 million tons, accounting for about 20% of Vietnam's container volume. .

With the characteristics of a deep-water port cluster, this area has the advantage of being able to receive large vessels up to 200,000 DWT. In the tendency of firms always wanting to use large size vessels to transport goods, VDSC believes that demand in this area will be positive in the next few years.

Assessing the potentials and advantages that seaport enterprises can receive in 2019, Mr. Nguyen The Anh, Director of Vietsand Company Limited, said that in 2019, thanks to the increase in seaport service price bracket Seaport businesses will benefit more. “In addition to continuing to focus on exploiting the domestic transportation market by sea will continue to be promoted by the company, in 2019, the Company plans to associate with some other seaport enterprises to connect building a closed logistics chain for short-term transport routes in Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia instead of just providing services for some initial stages (packing, leasing warehouses, doing customs services) as currently now on. This will be the main and long-term task of the Company in the coming time, ”said Mr. The Anh.

However, Director of Vietsand Co., Ltd. also worried about clearing the channel at some sea ports today. Because navigational flow does not reach the depth of design standards, it is difficult for businesses to transport.

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