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Trend Logistics Logistics Industrial Revolution 4.0

Industry Revolution 4.0 with breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence integrating artificial intelligence with Internet of Things (IoT) and modernization tools are beginning to change the whole perspective of worldwide warehousing and distribution services, with an estimated 5.5 million new devices connected each day. For logistics, this revolution will increasingly expand the connection of non-traditional devices such as pallets, crane cars, even trailers that carry goods to the Internet.

Currently, all major international logistics companies are expected to use IoT technology. In the next 3 years, IoT will become popular in logistics. Logistics companies around the world are rapidly improving technology to keep up with this trend and improve profitability in the coming time through the provision of automated and modern tools.

Trend of Logistics Age of Industrial Revolution 4.0 will take place as follows:

- Robots help save energy, significant labor costs. New robot projects will soon be introduced into modern warehouses.

- Automated transport (Autonomated Guided Vehicles - AGV) can execute orders, replenish goods in warehouses and effectively meet the needs here.

- Smart forklift truck can transmit each vehicle's operation information to users to maximize safety and train new users. Equipping the sensor allows the vehicle to detect itself about colliding with objects, or engine failures, overloading and automatically reporting a failure if necessary.

- Devices to monitor, locate, navigate and observe with devices using WiFi, Bluetooth. Co-pilot application on Android of mobile phones is used in international logistics activities. It provides mapping and direction (routing), facilitating navigation through online tracking of vehicles. Application has additional algorithms that help drivers.

- Application of online barcode scanning in warehouse management: Example of logistics software Scandit is one of the leading online logistics tools on mobile phones used in international logistics operations and supply chain management. application. This is an advanced barcode scanner capable of extending barcode scanning to manage inventory intelligently. Unlike other scanners, scanners in Scandit do not need to be perfect in data processing because this rigorous scanning system can easily access barcodes. In addition, Scandit is also a platform to easily share data across other online networks.

- Optimize inventory based on cloud computing. System tools restrict access from warehouse locations to minimize costs while maximizing the availability of high-profit items. This is one of the necessary online logistics tools that can help forecast managers, inventory plans and budgets for available resources. Most preferred logistics service providers integrate the use of this application to automate the procurement and addition of other processes to improve profitability. (Example: The Easy stock mobile application software).

- Application of daily labor control in logistics: Android fleet application of Android: Android fleet application of Android is a mobile application in controlling daily activities of the workforce. This application can be accessed via a web browser, logistics professionals can manage business operations in real time from their phones or laptops anywhere, helping to track Daily operations 24 hours to ensure the reliability of the workforce and efficiency in business operations.

- Integrating service contracts, order management, customer relations in online logistics. The application combines the integration of service contracts, order management, workforce optimization and monitoring of social media customers. In addition, the application builds end-to-end service organization and relationships between you and your customers, helping you analyze the quality of service and customer response to the services provided. Feedback shared through social media like Twitter by service users, helps you measure your company's performance and shows areas of improvement.

- Web-based Traffic Management system with Cerasis Rater mobile application that handles shipment by mode of road transport as follows: Less Than Truckload (LTL), Small Packages, Parcel (parcel Small), Intermodal (intermodal), Full Truckload (FTL). Cerasis Rater eliminates the manual booking process, providing many automation and efficiency benefits.

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